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Military Cross awarded to a French Officer


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Good afternoon to you all.

My great-uncle, henri BAUDIMENT, a french officer, was awarded the Military Cross, while he was fighting in his regiment (90ème R.I.), on the Western Front, under the British Command (General French, I suppose).

I have no official track in his records, of this British gallantry medal, but I have two pictures, showing him wearing both the French "Croix de Guerre", and the Military Cross, on his uniform.

He had been awarded the Croix de Guerre for his bravery, in the Ypres area, in november 1914.

Do, any of you, have any information about any gallantry medals awarded by the British to any foreign officers?

Were there any particular rules? Who could decide? Is there any chance for me to find any track or record of such a decision at the PRO?

Thank you in advance for any information.

Best regards,


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He is in the London Gazette issue 29369 dated 16th Nov 1915.

Regards Kevin

A link to the page in the London Gazette is here.

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thank you, indeed, for you prompt reply.

I now understand that the Military Cross was awarded to my great-uncle, while he was second lieutenant (sous-lieutenant), and acting (in the IXth French Corps d'Armée) under the British command of General Douglas HAIG, in early november 1914.

Between the 6th and the 12th of november, The IXth corps d'Armée had some terrible time, with the British Ist Corps (Gen. HAIG), and my great-uncle and the company he was commanding, had to stick to the positions that had been assigned to them, in the Zillebecke area, despite and under a very harsh fire from the Germans.

For the same reason, he had been awarded the French Croix de Guerre (officially tracked on his personal record).

Thank you, again, for your warm welcome on this forum.

Whenever possible, I will do my best, in my turn, to bring to your forum-mates, any information in my possession about the French battlefields where so many British soldiers have come and given their lives.

Truly yours,


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