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Pension payments


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If a slodier died during the war, how long were the pension payments made to his wife? Where would the records be kept.

Thanks for all the help in the past...


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The widow's pension was for life unless she re-married, then it ceased. If her second husband died, it was possible for her to reclaim the original pension. You will be fortunate to find any record of the pension as most of the records were destroyed, however, a representative selection was kept, around 9,000 in number. These can be found at the National Archives in PIN 82. They also contain brief details of the husband's service. They are catalogued by name on-line but you need to inspect them personally for the detail, although the NA may copy them for you at a cost.



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A general observation.

The UK War Pensions Department,now Veterans Agency,was paying WW1 Widows and Orphans Pensions until quite recently and may even still be doing so.

A general historical enquiry to the Agency will exercise a few present employees minds. :lol:


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Thanks Terry and George. I'll check both of those options as it seems there may be family that no one has met!


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