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Hi, does anybody have or know where to look for the "war diary" of 152 Brigade? I've tried the NA but they seem to have every other brigade bar the one i'm after. I also tried to get the 6th Bn Seaforth Highlanders War Diary from the NA but got no joy. I have definately hit "the wall". Specifically i'm after one day's events -The 6th Bn Seaforth Highlanders battles on the 16th May 1917 around Roeux and the Chemical Works. I have Derek Birds book on the 6th Seaforth Highlanders and although excellent I'm looking for a bit more detail. Any help most appreciated!

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Of no help at all :lol: but this is from the War Diary of the 8th Royal Scots,Pioneer Battalion to the 51st(Highland)Division.

1st May 1917-The Coys are still employed on roads running through St. Laurent Blagny & on to Athies.The roads are in places buried feet deep in debris entailing considerable clearing.The surface of the roads however are fairly intact once the debris is cleared off.We are still having splendid weather.

2nd May 1917-One Officer(named in the Diary) was severely wounded today also 2 men of his Company(unnamed) were wounded while working on the road near Athies.

3rd,4th,5th & 6th May 1917-The work continues the same & the roads are now very good right through to Fampoux.The weather continues good,very hot during the day.


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Hi, just noticed your inquiry and you may have find what you need by now. 152 Brigade HQ War Diary is in the National Archives. For the period you need the reference is WO 95/2862 - see link here:


However you would find more information in the 6th Seaforth War Diary at WO 95/2867, link here:


Hope this is helpful,


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