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New Army engineer companies ...

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Can anyone tell me if Royal Engineer companies other than field or signal companies were raised as part of the New Armies?

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"Work of RE in the Euro War 1914-18, Vol Miscellaneous," give much info on establishment of Re companies///searchlight, Labour , Land Drainage, Works Companies, Water, Workshop, Artisan Works, ForestryArmy Tramway and Foreway , and others, ...most formed after 1914, some reorganised, full details on this should be available from RE Corps Library at Chatham. Hope this info of use, Mebu.

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A number of RE Army Troops Company's were specifically formed as New Army units in March/April 1915. They were raised at the request of the War Office by the mayors and corporations of various towns and cities and for administrative purposes were initially designated Fortress Company's. In about August 1915 they were formally accepted by the War Office and given numerical titles. For example, the Coventry Fortress Company became 214 Army Troops Company. Each of these units normally consisted of 100 all ranks and its members were made up principally from skilled tradesmen.

Terry Reeves

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