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172 Seige Bty

Guest Richard.Fisk

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Guest Richard.Fisk

My father has recently died and amongst his papers I found the following relating to my Grandfather. My son is on a school trip to Ypres amongst others places in a couple of weeksand I was hoping someone might be able to make sense of some, or if I am really lucky, all of the following

My Granfather was James Fisk

Recruit no. 67073 RGA with Preliminary training at Dover Castle

Gunner 67073 49 coy. C.D. Bere Island Co Cork

1916 June Signaller R.A. Signals Cooden camp

1916 July R.G.A. 2/4 Glamorgen T.A. Fort Lavenock Cardiff

1916 August 172 Siege Bty B.E.F. Montreail /Mont St Eloi France

1917 February Field Positions Arras Sector W.T. Operator

1917 Feb Ypres Canal Bank

1917 July PUO Hospitals Belgium and Eastbourne

1917 October Signal Unit RGA Fort Wallington Fareham

1918 Feb 27 Course Army Signal School Houghton Regis

25 March 1919 Demob

If someone can make sense or point me in the direction I should be most grateful


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