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Longleat House Hospital, 1914

David Seymour

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I am trying to find out when Jacques Pelegrin (a corporal in the Belgian Army) who died at Longleat on 30 Nov 1914 was admitted to the hospital at Longleat. Are there any records of this hospital?

Grateful as always for any help,


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Don't know of any hospital records but the local newspaper report of his funeral dated 4th December states that he was brought to Longleat "about a month ago" If you PM me I can send you some info on him.


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Longleat was a "Military Relief Hospital". (I don't know what this signifies.) Beds were installed in the Salon, nurses in the Bachelor Room and an operating-theatre in the "Bath" bedroom, with a library being turned into a sitting-room. The Marquess of Bath met much of the running costs. The Imperial War Museum holds a collection of letters (99/37/1) sent to Miss M Bullen when she was based there between 1915 and 1918, together with a few photographs of nurses and patients. The Museum also holds copies numbers 3 (July 1916) and 19 to 25 (May 1918) of the Longleat Lyre, a magazine prepared by patients containing poems, reports on concerts and stories. The first copies were typewritten and neatly bound in brown paper, but issue number 3 was professionally printed, as were successive editions. Number 3 describes how six (or nine - the allusion is vague) cars had met a train from Winchester due at Warminster at 3.30pm to collect the hospital's very first patients, who turned out to be Belgians.

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