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2601867 Gnr Alexander SMART


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I have recently received my great uncle 2601867 Gnr Alexander SMART's service papers form Canadian Archives. I was wondering if one of our CEF of Artillery experts could tell me more about the unit or what his responsibilites were? My interprepation is that he was came with the 2nd Draft for 5 Coy RCGA and was then posted to the Reserve Battery and Composite Brigade for training prior to being posted to an operational unit via the corps reinforcement camp. I guess the 11th and 12th Canadian Siege Battery part of the 3rd Bde?

His postings to sub units are listed as follows:

Attestation papers:

No. 5 Coy RCGA.

Record of Service:

Title - 2nd Dft No. 5 Coy R.C.G.A

8/2/18 - Res Batt GA

13/6/18 - Comp Bde CRA

13/10/18 - CCRC

14/10/18 - 3rd Bde CGA

22/10/18 - 3rd Bde (Joined Unit)

29/4/19 - 11 CSB

2/5/19 - 12 CSB

It also states 'Attached to CCC Kinmel Park for return to Canada'.

Demobilization Certificate:

12th CSB 11th CSB RGCA

Discharge Certificate:

5th R.C.G.A.


Tim D

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