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Amazing finds

stephen p nunn

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  • 3 months later...

I found this under the Christmas Tree. As to what it is, the clue is in the last paragraph.


My Brother Steve found it in a local second hand tool shop. Quite an amazing find.

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The most amazing finding I ever made is a simple wood plate.

In the picture here below, how it looks nowdays:


Gipfelstollen means "Mountaintop Gallery". This one was located inside the ice galleries system at the top of Monte Cristallo (Hohe Schneide in German).

In the next picture is the wood plate at its original location during the war.


Here is where the ice gallery was (upper row) and where I found the wood plate, some hundreds of metres below on the crevassed glacier.


It doesn't happen quite often to find an object that was portraied in wartime pictures (it appears in at least one other photo that I am aware of).

This is the best piece in my collection and surely the one that gave me the strongest emotions when positively identified as exactly the one that appears in the picture.


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  • 3 years later...

Amazing - from Captain Bocker's coat - Zeppelin L33, crashed and set fire 23/9/1916, Wigborough, Essex.


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  • 3 weeks later...

High Wood and London Cemetery in the background.

I walked the other side of that lane last October and found an 18 pounder where the crop starts in your photo !

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In my youth I was wandering around the site of a disused fortified harbor defense hill, tunnels searchlight batteries etc, etc when on a dirt track I noticed a partially exposed but buried rounded area of metal, maybe 3x4", I scraped it away and could see that it was bronze and could make out writing. It turned out that it was the breech area of a bronze 6" muzzle loading gun that having become obsolete had been rolled down the side of the hill and over the next 100 years had become buried. Many years later it was rediscovered and winched back up the hill and mounted for display on a pedestal. I have no claim to it's discovery, but my small role was satisfying to me.


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Re the last Verdun / Argonne?


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