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Australian War Diaries - WW1


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The Australian War Memorial announced on 6th January that digitisation of their WW1 War Diaries has been completed.

What a wonderful New Years Present.

Approx 500,000 pages in all, and all free to access.

A project that started with the Australian Light Horse and includes some New Zealand Unit Diaries has ended with the more obscure units such as Baths and Laundries and (finally) Postal Units.

See Great News

The Diaries can be found at Diaries

This complements resources at the AWM site such as the Roll of Honour, Nominal Rolls, embarkation Rolls, Red Cross Enquiry Documents, Official Histories, not to mention the Service papers at the Nat. Aus. Archives etc, etc.

This should boost the sale of additional hard drives to forum members ..........

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Many thanks for letting everyone know about this!

Although I have managed to obtain the NZ war diaries pertinent to my research from Archives New Zealand - they seem to be overloaded with work and it took a very long time - this gives me the opportunity to look up and cross reference with some other NZ units.


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I think you will find that I posted this yesterday under units and formations .

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Tremendous news indeed, and all involved should be lauded for an achievement, and praised for supporting access to the public record.

In the UK, of course, certain public records have suddenly become copyright of a private company (seethes).

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"I have read the rules of the Great War Forum and agree to be bound by them"

The National Library of Australia (NLA) has also digitised a selection of Australian newspapers up to about 1954.

They have not yet finished this project, but you can search through perhaps some New South Wales WW1 era newpapers in their Advanced Search section for perhaps a WW1 relative or research project.

Go to the NLA, then the newspaper section.

Some WW1 era Australian newspapers published letters from the troops overseas in their WW1 era newspapers. (These were mainly letters that were sent to the families of overseas veterans).

You have to select the timeframe for your searches ( e.g the Day Month and Year for the beginning of your search to the Day Month and Year of the finish of your search) and also the papers that you would like to search through.

The NLA will then give you a summary of the newpaper search results.

If you use the NLA 'Trove" search, it will search through its entire collection and list its results, such as searching for New South Wales (NSW) Honour Rolls.

There is another NSW site that may interest some researchers " the register of war memorials in NSW".

This site is administered by the state library of NSW (New South Wales in Australia) and the RSL..

You can search for a veteran's name, or by a NSW town, NSW postcode, or even use Browse will will list all the NSW towns that have photos of their local war memorials, so far on this site.

This site is also an ongoing project as photos of local NSW memorials are often sent in and added to this site.

Although the majority of these names would have been Australian veterans, I recently discovered a plaque in a small NSW church for an ex WW1 Royal Welsh fusilier, D'Arcy Wentworth Towns Osborne.

If anyone has any Australian NSW veterans that they may be researching, they may find some photos of local Honour rolls, or memorials on this site.

Regards, Sandra

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Hi Sandra

I'm interested in D'Arcy Osborne and any RWF connection. I can find a medal card for this name (D'arcy W T Osborne) of the Surrey Yeomanry and with a Sydney address but not RWF. I can't find him on CWGC and he doesn't show under Osborne on


Can you point me in the right direction for the RWF connection please?


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Great news.

Now if the UK could just follow suit how good would that be.

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Sorry Hywyn to take so long in answering your request for information about D'Arcy Wentworth Towns Osborne, who was a WW1 Royal Welsh Fusilier.

I have not checked out his military rercord, but recently found his name on a stained glass memorial in a small rural Australian church. He is also buried in the historical graveyard of this same church.

I therefore have a photo of his stained glass memorial and the burial plaque on his grave. This is from a small Anglican chuch at Carwoola in NSW. (The Carwoola Anglican church is near a fairly famous property called Carwoola in NSW, Australia.)

Some other Osbornes are commemorated in the Bungendore NSW church (Bungendore is probably about half an hour or so drive away from Carwoola and I recently met two Osborne descendants who still live near Bungendore NSW.

Bungendore NSW is between Queanbeyan NSW, named after an original property there and/or an aboriginal name and not the Queen, hence its strange spelling and Braidwood NSW.

I met these Bungendore Osbornes at the Bungendore Anglican Church, as I was visiting to try to take photos of the Bungendore Anglican church.

These Bungendore Osborne descendants may have more information about their WW1 Osborne relatives and if I could try to contact them through the Bungendore church, if you would like me to for you.

There were at one stage apparently numerous Osborne sons, so it appears the descendants were at one stage numerous.

If you would like photos of his memorial window and /or his grave plaque, or possibly other Osborne information, please feel free to contact me, via the Forum. Regards, Sandra

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Some other Osbornes are commemorated in the Bungendore NSW church (Bungendore is probably about half an hour or so drive away from Carwoola and I recently met two Osborne descendants who still live near Bungendore NSW.


There is a H. Osborne listed on the main memorial in Bungendore who served and returned. A local lady produced a book about Bungendore and the Great War in 2007, however the Osbornes are not mentioned.

I'll send you a PM regarding Bungendore as I have an interest in that church.


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Thank you both - very useful - nice maps of the Corps and Army training areas in the rear in the Corps war diaries.

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