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Further to the previous announcement in relation to the posting of images of MIC's taken from sites such as Ancestry, we wish to introduce the following rule:

Members of the GWF MAY post images of MIC's/service records etc on the Great War Forum provided they have downloaded these themselves from Ancestry or similar sites, or have obtained them from, for example, the NA, and they relate to a specific research project being undertaken by the GWF member in question.

Members MAY NOT use the GWF to display any images of MIC's, service records etc downloaded from Ancestry or any similar genealogy sites on behalf of a third party. Members who are NOT subscribers to Ancestry and similar sites, MAY NOT use the GWF as a platform to ask parties who are to download data on their behalf.

We have no desire to stifle this valuable area of research, but we have a legal responsibility to ensure that we do not breach any Terms & Conditions laid down by genealogy sites relating to the publishing of images for third parties. We felt it necessary to clarify the situation so as to protect the reputation of the Forum and the Pals that use it, and we apologise for any confusion any previous announcement may have caused.

We post this announcement having sought professional legal advice, but without a reply from Ancestry to a letter documenting our concerns and queries. Should a response from Ancestry be forthcoming we may have to amend the guidance outlined above.

We hope this clarifies the situation.

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