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C W G C Next of kin Details


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Would the C.W.G.C have the last known address for a casualty. The casualty has no next of kin details but i presume some information must have passed between the Commission and the mans family.

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Happy to be proved wrong here,

the CWGC had next-of-kin information back in the 1920s (supplied by the War Office & Admiralty etc) and circularised them with regard to putting additional information in the (then) printed registers, epitaphs on stones, and whether they wanted something other than a cross emblem on gravestones.

Barely half responded, and I think I was told that anyway the paperwork was destroyed by the 1970s. So the short answer would be "no". Even if it existed, they might well class it as confidential information these days.

Servicemens' service / pension papers would be a better bet for addresses, again if they exist.


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I asked this question years ago and while LST_164's information is "officially" correct, another correspondent told me that there were some ledgers held by CWGC which reportedly contain NOK information (or at least that's what my memory tells me).

The reason I posed the question in the first place was that I identified the graves of two men out in France (who were commemorated on the Thiepval memorial). Funny thing was that neither of them had NOK details in their original register entries yet, when their official place of commemoration was moved, their updated register entries then contained the NOK information.

I never really got to the bottom of it but, suffice to say, I do believe that there exists some mechanism for CWGC to match a casualty to a NOK address, no matter what the official line may be.


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Thanks for both answers i will be writing to the Commission to see what they have to say on the subject.

If it is a Canadian casualty, you can of course look at the Attestation Paper on line, probably. Peter

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