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Remembered Today:

Frontier Camp

Bob Coulson

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It may just be the name of a support camp, or rest camp behind the lines for the troops. My grandfather's battalion war diary names Halifax, Micmac, St Lawrence and Toronto camps, all presumably started by Canadians, and a series in which "Frontier" would sir comfortably. Those named above were in the rear area south of Ypres, all being occupied in 1916/17.

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This is a very timely question indeed, because I was about to ask whether we could jointly build up a picture of the camps behind Ypres. I haven't come across Frontier Camp myself, but there were lots of others that I have heard of. If anyone knows of a definitive guide that would be wonderful, but I suspect that this is another under-reasearched area.

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No listing ever found by me at the PRO - but many of them are mentioned on British maps, especially ones from April 1918 onwards when the Germans captured the ground between Bailleull and south of Ypres where many of them were located.

Would be happy to help with this one; can I suggest we try and include a Trench Map reference for each one?

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I would love to know why it's named California. It's way off this topic but there is the Californie Plateau in the Chemin de Dames area where the Neville offensive took place. The view is equalled only at Vimy Ridge until you get much further east to Eparges or to the Vosges.

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I thought I'd just add my four pennyworth as I have recently come across this as well. The BWD for 13th Royal Sussex shows that they were at Tower Hamlets on 25th - 27th September 1917, and on 28th September says: 'Battalion proceeded by lorry to Frontier Camp near West Houtre. Day spent in clearing up.'

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Evening all.

Sounds like a very good idea Chris.

I don't have my great-grandads war diary for that period at the moment as i have lent it to another WFA member.

I seem to remember that there were some references to camps during 3rd Ypres as his Brigade spent quite some time in the area.

The camp names that i can remember are,MORY camp,SIEGE camp and CANAL BANK camp.

I am sure there are map references but i can't recollect what they are.

I have often wondered where they were in relation to the front.

I am pretty sure that CANAL BANK camp, is the camp that the Diggers are currently excavating at Boezinghe.

He also stayed in a camp near Poperinghe although the name of that one escapes me.

I will look up the references and give you a shout.


Simon Furnell.

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The book 'In the shadow of hell" written by Paul Chapman has a list of camps in that area. The whole area was full of camps.

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Ok, this is a very old topic, but I am trying to find out the exact same thing that was asked in the first post.

Where was Frontier Camp. The war diary says near West Houtre.

But I can not even find that. The best I have come up with so far is a place called Westouter.

Its in the right area. Could this be it?

Has anyone found it since this post was first created?

Regards Dave

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