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"In Ruhleben Camp" Issue No. 1, June 6, 1915


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The following may be viewed online:

"In Ruhleben Camp. Issue No. 1, Sunday June 6th, 1915. 32 pages.

Link to online edition.

Extract from this booklet:

Entertainment at the camp (Page 2): "The Camp is not to suffer through any lack of entertainment during the summer months; it has already been demonstrated that however hot the weather, any decent entertainment can command a large audience. The Dramatic Society will shortly present "The Speckled Band" by Conan Doyle, "As You Like It" and "The Private Secretary". The first-named play will, we feel sure, "fetch 'em', opportunities of seeing Mr. Adler as the villain of the piece will not occur every day. Those who know him are looking forward to a really villainous presentation. The Shakespeare production ought to be a great success in such hands as those of Mr. Leigh Henry and Mr. Duncan Jones..."

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