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Scottish Soldiers at Shanes Park Camp Randalstown

Shanes Park Camp

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I have two good clear photos of men based at the Scottish Command Depot at Randalstown, County Antrim. The first photo (7 soldiers) was posted in the camp and addressed to William Hemphill of 110 James Street, Port Dundas, Glasgow on 15 February 1917. Presumably a relative of one of the group. I`m not an expert on regimental cap badges but there appears to be a mix of Black Watch, Cameron Highlanders and Royal Scots. At least two of the young men are pipe smokers!

The second photo is a postcard view of 3 soldiers standing near their huts but is not dated. The Belfast photographer George Kennedy was active in the camp from 1916 - 1917.

The Scottish Command Depot was established in Shanes Park Camp by February 1916.

I`m posting these up in the off-chance that someone might be able to identify the soldiers.



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I'm no expert on cap badges either, but it looks to me as if the gentleman top row left is a Cameronian (Scottish Rifles). Would the buttons of his tunic not being silver also identify him as a soldier of a rifle regiment?


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