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Remembered Today:

Harold E Pitt (5046) Coldstream Guards (1884-1915)

tony schuck

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I have very recently joined the Great War Forum and currently

I am researching my great uncle, above, who died of wounds on2/2/1915 at Cuinchy, Northern France.

I have discovered his War and Victory Medals, "Death Plaque" and dog tags along with other mementoes but am missing the 1914 Mons Star. at the moment I have a replica.

I know that this is a very long shot but if any member could give me advice about the location of the medal (perhaps part of a broken set) I would be grateful.

Harold Pitt was a Birmingham man who at his death lived in the Small Heath area of that City. He had no children but his wife who remarried another veteran from the Gloucesters (John Coulson) had 4 children, all of whom I have traced to Wales,Canada, Austrailia and Bromsgrove. They kindly given me much memoriabilia but cannot account for the Mons Star.

I know it was issued as I have the issuing certificate dated January 1919.

I regularly scan E bay and the larger sites of medal dealers without sucess.

Many thanks

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