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Remembered Today:

Old postcard

ian turner

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Prewar view of a German battleship passing through the Kiel Canal near Rendsburg. Anyone able to help translate the old German it would be appreciated.

Back of card.



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Nothing military on the back, I'm afraid, just greetings from a group of friends to the first correspondent's sister - about the most interesting aspect is the sisters' surname:

Frl. Amanda Lembcke :o

Adr. Herrn R.Speck [c/o Herr R. Speck]

Strübbeln [sic]

Kr. Hemme (Holstein) [=Strübbel, Kreis/district of Hemme, Holstein - only about 25 miles from Rendsburg]

Einen schönen Gruß

aus der ??Jodfeier

sendet deine Schwester


Einen schönen Grußt [sic] sendet

dir M. Reimers.

?Aufrecht bis zum ??? und freundlichen

Gruß sendet d. ?Wilhelm

Greetings from the [some sort of festival?] from your sister Frieda.

Regards from M. Reimers.

?Chin up! until ??? and warm regards from ?Wilhelm.

denkmalprojekt.org shows a Landsturmmann Johann REIMERS on the war memorial at Strübbel


Killed at St Quentin on 24/7/16, buried at St Quentin German Cemetery, Block 3 Grave 77.


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