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38th (Welsh) Division units/brigades....


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Hi there

Can anyone help me work out which brigade my Grandfather, Robert Roberts, W/3370 would have been in? All I have is his MIC, stating that he went in to theatre on 24th Dec 1915.

Thank you to anyone can help me.



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Probably, almost certainly one of these: (the date of arrival in France is given but I can never work out if this is the day that they left England or arrived in France as it will not always be the same day. i.e. if they embarked at 22.00 and landed at 01.30)

CXIX Brigade, RFA, 23-12-1915

CXX Brigade, RFA, 23-12-1915

CXXI Brigade, RFA, 23-12-1915

CXXII (Howitzer) Brigade, RFA, 24-12-1915

38th Divisional Ammunition Column

V.38 Heavy Trench Mortar Battery RFA

X.38, Y.38 and Z.38 Medium Mortar Batteries RFA

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