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3rd Worcestershire DCM information needed

Alan Tucker

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Killed in action 26 August 1916 - start of the Battle of the Ancre Heights. On the Thiepval Memorial. Does anyone know about his DCM award? Came from Leatherhead/Effingham, Surrey

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DCM Citation was in London Gazette #29180, 3rd June 1915. Link is http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/291...upplements/5363

12133 Acting Corporal Whittington, B. 3rd Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment

For gallant conduct and devotion to duty at Spanbroek Molen on 12th March, 1915, when he crawled through a gateway which was under very heavy machine gun fire, and bandaged the wounded who were lying only 30 yards from the enemy's trenches.



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He was also Mentioned In Despatches, London Gazette #28942, 19th October 1914. Link is http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/289...upplements/8354

3rd Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment

Major W. R. Chichester.

Captain C. V. Beresford.

Captain L. C. Dorman.

Lieutenant S. A. Gabb.

Second Lieutenant S. A. Goldsmid.

No. 5026 Company Serjeant-Major M. J. Murphy.

No. 5610 Company Serjeant-Major F. Workman.

No. 5661 Company Serjeant-Major H. J. Farley.

No. 7987 Serjeant L. T. Vicarage.

No. 7829 Serjeant J. Johnson.

No. 10099 Lance-Corporal W. McNally.

No. 12133 Lance-Corporal R. Whittington.

No. 4987 Corporal J. Jewsbury.

No. 13260 Lance-Corporal J. Bingham.

No. 9065 Private W. Malone.

No. 9454 Private W. Heritage.

No. 9146 Private J. Ware.

He is also recorded again in London Gazette #29001, 9th December 1914. This was a revised and corrected list of that issued above and the Link is http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/290...pplements/10544.



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Many thanks Steve. He is on the Leatherhead (Surrey) war memorial and I can use this info with the local school when looking at his name on the Thiepval memorial the coming Friday

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