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herbert roy davis (davies) liverpool regiment then labour corps


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Hi all , wonder if anyone can help find anything on this man ,

herbert roy davies, liverpool regiment 73354 then labour corps 48742

Ive been asked to find out what battallion he was in and any other information that comes along , the person asking me also thinks he may have been gassed ,

not much to go on i know'

look forward to any help and info

regards dave

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The Labour Corps number means he was initially at least in 81 Company which was formed from the 16th Infantry Labour Compant, King's Liverpool.

His Liverpool number is similar to those of men who were in King's ILC Companies so I think he may have been enlisted into an ILC.

He may well have been gassed as both his ILC Company and 81 Company were used in the forward areas within the range of German guns. There was certinly an incident in July 1917 when 9 of the Company were killed or died of wounds over a two day period. Oncidents of this kind were often due to shelling and/or gas attacks.



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