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Nigerian troops in the Great War

James A Pratt III

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There's "The Nigerian Regiment in East Africa:on campaign during the Great War 1916-1918" by W. D. Downes

Published by Leonaur in 2008 it's a reprint of the book originally published as "With the Nigerians in German East Africa".



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The Official History of the War Military Operations 'Togoland and the Cameroons 1914 to 1916' by Brig. General F.J. Moberly contains many references to the Nigerian 1st to 4th Regiments, 1st and 2nd Nigerians and Mounted Companies. Not surprising as along with the Gold Coast Regiment they made up the bulk of the West African Frontier Force fighting the Germans. Originally published in 1931 the Imperial Wasr Museum/Battery Press published a reprint of the Togoland and Cameroons volume in 1995.

There's also 'The Great War in Africa' by Brigadier General E. Howard Gorges which covers the exploits of the West African Frontier Force with an appendix listing all the officers in the Nigeria Regiment. The book is well illustrated with photographs. Gorges was the Commandant of the West African Regiment 1915 to 1916. The Naval and Military Press do a reprint.

And for a bit of Boys Own fun there is Percy F. Westerman's 'Wilmshurst of the Frontier Force' following the adventures of Dudley Wilmshurst, Second Lieutenant of the Nth West African Regiment in German East Africa. Not as inaccurate as you might think.

Hope this is of use.



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