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Forgotten Voices: Soldiers of the Empire


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Good morning All,

Just a reminder that the latest in Ian Hislop's WW1 documentary series "Forgotten Voices" is on next Monday night on Channel 4.

As the title suggests it covers those soldiers from all over the empire who fought together in WW1 and from the snippets in the printed publicity interview with Ian Hislop I am certain that it will be very interesting.

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Thanks for the heads up

I will add it to my sky+ list


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Interesting. Shame each subject couldn't have the full hour.

As ever, it had to skate over a lot, and cut corners in a few places. Also, it was aimed at the general viewer, not the anorak ( ;) ). I enjoyed it.

My one issue, though: referring to Mangan Singh's regiment as the 2nd Sikhs, or (Captain Henderson's grandson said) 2/11th Siks, "as they were known an the time". Actually, as Mangan Singh's uniform clearly showed, the 15th Ludhiana Sikhs, becoming the 2nd Battalion 11th Sikh Regiment (Ludhiana Sikhs) in 1922.

But I'll let it pass. I enjoyed the programme, all in all.

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Found the programme very interesting although a little disappointed that no mention was made of the Kiwi's or the Aussies other than a brief mention of Gallipoli.

A good programme though.

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I was also surprised that there wasn't more mention of the Australians and New Zealanders. But what surprised me more was the inclusion of Ireland! I can see that he was using stories of service in the 'British' cause by people who weren't necessarily British, but surely, given that Ireland was part of the United Kingdom of the time, it is not correct to treat Ireland in the same way as, for example, Canada or India?


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