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Did This Man Serve Oversea's?

At Home Dad

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Hallo all

I wonder if a helpful Pal could shed some light on this MIC?

It doesn't show a date for entry to France. I also notice

that it appears to be 'short' on the medal side. Am I seeing

two medals, instead of the three any 13th Essex man would


Also, his number. What does this indicte, please?

many thanks for any assistance

kind regards


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Based on the MIC in question the answer to your thread title is yes he did serve overseas, if he hadn't then he wouldn't have been entitled to the two medals.

As there appears to be no second card elsewhere to show entitlement to a 'Star' then he went overseas on or after 1st January 1916. As I'm sure you're aware not all 13th Essex men will get a trio, reinforcement drafts etc. going out after 1915 will only get a pair which would appear to be the case here. His number, prefixed as it is with a 3/, suggests he was probably a Special Reservist with the 3rd Battalion and was probably retained there for training duties etc.

According to the LLT...

3rd (Reserve) Battalion

August 1914 : in Warley, Essex. A depot/training unit, it moved to Harwich in August 1914 and went on to Felixstowe in March 1916.



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