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Remembered Today:

John & Marianne Sutherland ~ Ieper Anniversary


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On Saturday it was the one year anniversary of John & Marianne Sutherland’s arrival in Ieper from Blighty, lots of people from this forum may well have met them at the Gate as they are in attendance nearly every night.

They will not say it themselves, however I have witnessed them going out of their way to help visitors from all over the globe during their visits to Ieper, even on one occasion taking two ladies from Australia to Fromelles.

They have also integrated well before ( especially with Johns work on the fundraising for the Scottish Memorial ) and after their arrival to Ieper with the Locals, this was apparent by the large Flemish (amongst other Nations) gathering at Johns house on Saturday!

They will probably hate me for posting this, but what the heck!!


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I can vouch for the warmth of their greeting and hospitality, having experienced it at first hand.

Some sort of reward seems in order after John and Marianne have been in Ypres for a year.....the award going to Ypres!



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Well said Soren!

John and Marianne are some of the kindest people I know, always extremely helpful and really committed to the cause of Remembrance without much fuzz. The only problem they have is that they are far too modest. I think I'm quite well situated to testify how much they have done to support the Scottish Memorial in Flanders- Campaign. Without John, it might never have been raised.

It was also nice to learn to know you personally too last Saturday. I knew you from the GWF but at last I can put a face on the artist!

Will you attend the Passchendaele ceremony next Tuesday?

Cuimhnichibh- Remember


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