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25th Army Cyclist Corps Division


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Hi All

Hoping someone may be able to help. A friend of mine has a 1914/15 star trio to 6825 cpl A Wilkinson A. Cyc. Corps. This was Arthur Wilkinson who was born in 1895 at Kimberly Nottinghamshire. He has a Christmas Card from the "25th divison Army Cyclist Corps" Can anyone tell me what area of the country they would have been raised or their movements during the war.

We believe Arthur was wounded sometime in 1916/17 and then transfered to the Royal Engineers as an observer with the 2nd and then 4th field survey company.

He survied the war but died in 1938 while riding his push bike to work!!

Any help with info would be most welcome.



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Sorry but I am no expert in this area but I have looked at the Cycist units of the AIF and this out line may help.

Each Divison raised a Cycist Company as Divison Troops and were used like the Cavalry Sqn in each Divison.

In early 1916 these Companies were grouped into Battalions and attached to each Corps, (much as the Div Cav Sqn's where) but where the 25th Div Cycist Company went to is unknown to me.

I am unsure where/who the 25th Division was raised but the outline on this site said it was raised at Salisbury.

I am sure there are British blokes out there who can fill in the blanks here.



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If you have a look in 'soldiers' and search under Roscoe you will find a thread I started on Charles Roscoe. There is a little bit of information on there about the 25th. Hope it helps

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