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Osman and Jusuf Grabcanovic

Ahmed Pasic

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my name is Ahmed Pasic and I am very interested into Bosniak soldiers in the WWI.

I came accross with names of Osman and Jusuf Grabcanovic who were cousins and both won Golden Medal for Courage in Austro-Hungarian army. They were born in Bijeljina (north-eastern Bosnia) and joined the army when WWI started. They were both very tall and strong, Osman used to go to battle against Italians with knife and buzdovan. I think they served in BHFJB 1. Grabcanovic's relatives live in Bosnia even today and they are mostly tall people. They came to Bosnia in 1862 from Uzice in today's Serbia as refugees. It is interesting that Elez Dervisevic, one of the youngest soldiers in WWI, was also from Bijeljina and he used to serve in the same unit as Osman.

Does anybody here have their photos? Or additional information? I just know Osman died during guarding on Isonzo front, bullet hit him in the head and he was dead immediately but I have no data about Jusuf.

I would appreciate if any information can be posted here. Thanks in advance.


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You might have to "Google" to see what you can find. There may not be any knowledge here of the Bosniaks,but you never know !

I did some Google and you might read this website for some good general information:


Best wishes


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