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I've had this book for a few years now. It came out of my Gran's house when she died, and the name on the flyleaf is that of her brother who died just after the end of the Great War (mentioned here by me).

The book itself is about 4 men who signed up as ANZACs, and tells of their exploits in Egypt and the Dardanelles. It was published in 1915, with a dedication of

Dedicated to the Conquerors of ANZAC and the Many Kind Friends I Met in Australasia, Egypt, and the Dardanelles
and I wonder how much of it was based on actual events, and how much just on the author's guesses as to what the people like his characters would/did do in the situations which they were in. I especially wonder that given that one of the earlier chapters is about the quartet going grave-robbing whilst in Egypt! Does anyone have some idea of how factual this might have been?

Also, does anyone know anything about the author, such as if he was actually in the Dardanelles? Or was he just showing off a bit in the dedication? Not sure where to start looking for that info. Pointers welcomed.

Many thanks


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Col. R.W. Campbell was a veteren of the Boer War and the Great War so he could have been in the Dardanelles. Then again, he was a writer of fiction...

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