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andrew pugh

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Good Evening All.

Could anybody pleae tell me what area the following units of the British army were fighting on or around the 23/24th March 1918? The units are as follows Gordon Highlanders, South Wales Borderers, Royal Scots 1/8th or 1/9th ?

18th Bn K.R.R.C, 9th Bn Welsh Regiment.Hope someone can help with this.

Best Regards Andy.

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Hi Andy

The 1/8 th Royal Scots (Pioneer Bttn.) were with the 51st Highland Division on the Somme,March 21/26th they fell back through Beaumetz to Velu and Lebuquerie then across the Ancre through Puisieux and Hebuterne.

The 1/9th ( Highlanders ) were with 61st ( Midland ) Division, Somme 21/24th March Fell back across Somme Canal to Nesle then from Moyencourt to Roye.

18th K.R.R.C.with 41st Division-Somme 22/26th March Fell back from North-East of Bapaume to Achiet-le-Grand.


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Just to narrow it down a little.

From the 8th Royal Scots History.

"From the 21st to 26th March,the Battalion was in the thick of the fight.They first came into contact with the enemy on the Morchies-Beaumetz line.On the afternoon of the 22nd,the enemy made a heavy attack from Morchies,which was counteracted by our tanks,and so enabled the Battalion to make a slight advance.During the night,the Battalion withdrew to the "Red Line" east of Bancourt,where they strengthened and organised the position.

On the 24th, the Battalion held the position there,until the Division had been successfully withdrawn.

On the 25th,the Battalion held the line at Loupart Wood,until 2 p.m. when the enemy had entered the wood and the right hand had given way.Part of the Battalion retired on Irles,where a mass attack was again held up.The Battalion was finally withdrawn on the 26th."

Andy/Gary,if you want a full copy of the 8th Royal Scots Battalion History p.m. me your e-mail address.


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Hello Andy

Both the Gordon Highlanders and the South Wales Borderers had several battalions. Which ones in particular are you interested in?


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Hi Ron.

I dont know which Battalions they were but they were in and around Villers-au-Flos, Bancourt,and Fremicourt between the 23rd and the 24th March 1918. I have a small list of some unknowns from these units but it doesnt say which particular Battallion they were found buried in the same map reference as 4 Royal Fusiliers im researching.

Best Regards Andy

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An extract from the 8th Royal Scots War Diary.

"24th March 1918-At 4 p.m. just as the attack was developing orders were received to remove Bn. H.Q. to the old Bde H.Q. on the Bancourt-Bapaume Rd.At 4.30 p.m. word was received that the Highlanders(remnants of 153rd Inf Bde) were retiring and that the right platoon of C Coy had formed a defensive flank."

Is it worth checking the composition of 153rd Brigade to identify the Gordon Highlander Battalion(s)?

The only other possible relevant reference I can find from the War Diary.

"25th March 1918-Permission was then obtained to withdraw the Bn on account of its exhausted condition to behind the ridge( S.E. of Achiet-Le-Petit)-the 62nd Div having taken over the forward position."


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