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50333 Pte James Ronnie/Rennie


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Hi folks

Could I ask if someone could look up this MIC, I found 50333 Pte James Rennie in the book "Coatbridge and the Great War" and passed it along with his address onto forum member Steve Becker who has an interest in the Camel Corps, James was Pte 537 Lanarkshire Yeomanry then Pte 50333 Imperial Camel Corps and Corps of Hussars.

Steve and the NA MIC's however have him as James Ronnie, the book was compiled just after the War with contributions from survivors (of which he was one) and families of those killed. I have a feeling that the NA may have mis entered the name on the card as I've never heard of the surname "Ronnie".

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks Mark, that seems definative enough, the 1st chance I get I'll cross check it with the local Electoral roll.

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