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9th Hodson's Horse

Steven Broomfield

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Steven Broomfield

Anyone have access to a copy of Major F G Cardew's Hodson's Horse, 1857-1922, please?

I am particularly looking for clarification of an apparent decision in September, 1918, to abolish the class Squadrons on which the regiment (9th Hodson's Horse) was based, in preference for Squadrons with classes mixed. From something I read in the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research (Volume 87, number 351, Autumn 2009), this was just prior to Megiddo in September 1918, but probably after the regiment joined 13th Cavalry Brigade, 5th Cavalry Division, in August.

I spent some time yesterday at Kew going through the War Diary (WO95/4518), and was unable to see any refernce to it there, which I found odd.

According to the reference above, the necessary information will be in the region of page 200 in the N&M reprint of the history.

Thanks in advance, anyone.

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