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Remembered Today:

US Forces 18000 men Camp Dodge, Iowa

Jonathan D'Hooghe

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I came across this unusual photo of 18000 US troops at Camp Dodge, Des Moines, Iowa forming a human statue of liberty.

Does anybody have any more information about it or the Col. Wm Newman who was the c.o. according to the caption

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Thanks Annie, The depth of knowledge of members of this forum never fails to amaze me. As you say typical America, nevertheless, it's pretty impressive to my eyes!


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I think the photos are terrific and very creative ... imagine working out how to do it in the first place ?? :rolleyes:

And then getting the guys to move in the right place ... must have been a "nightmare " !!!!!!! :D


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Annie's comment on their love of this reminds me of the visit to SanFran a couple of years ago. We turned the corner at the bottom of Geary Boulevard onto the beach road,and there was a long string of life-sized Red Indians on horseback,practically as far as the eye could see. We stopped,and found them all to be plywood cut-outs. There was a large tent also on the beach,so we go to look there too. Inside a Buffalo Bill clone (alive and breathing)and an old early 1900s picture of the same beach with live Red Indians in a long string. Our man had come along a few days before we came across it in order to re-create this picture,and had taken several months to make all the cut-outs. It looked very effective from the road,if a little crude up close. I have a pic of me up a stepladder poking my head through the face cut-out of one of the natives.

I have an idea that your pic has been here before,but thanks for posting it.


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No prob with the posting of the pic. I was fascinated by it and had not seen anything like it before although Annie's first post opened my eyes to the Americans penchant for such posed events!

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