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Durham's DCM

Guest Desmond6

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Guest Desmond6

DLI 'types' may be interested in this snippet.

Presentation to Pte. James McGall DCM

A pleasant little ceremony took place at Portglenone when Pte. James McGall, Distinguished Conduct Medal, Durham Light Infantry, was presented with a handsome clock and ornaments by some friends in his native village to mark their appreciation of the gallant action which won him the medal for distinguished conduct.

The following official account of his brave deed will be read with interest.

"Pte. McGall was one of a party which, when going to occupy a listening post, met with heavy rifle and grenade fire at close range.

"The suddeness of the attack caused confusion but he at once crawled forward with his grenades and threw them into the listerning post, whence the fire proceeded, causing the enemy to retire."

We may add that Pte. McGall is one of three brothers who have all been wounded – one of them severely – the great cause.

Ballymena Observer April, 1917

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As you say, interesting ... do you have any more information about McGall, e.g., his battalion and the date of his action?

David T

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Some additional information:

Private 3/10823 J McGall, 2nd Bn. DLI LG 11 March 1916



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My thanks again to Ed - all adds to the story.

Cheers - I only hope my postings on these guys in non-Irish regts. helps someone else out too.


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Guest MJD McGall

Good day folks,

Although the original post was some while ago, I hope no-one minds if I add a little to this story. Pte J McGall is my Great Grandfather. He came to be in the DLI as he left his native County Antrim looking for work in the North East and ended up in the Coal mines.

At the outbreak of war, rather than "come home" to join his local Regiment, he enlisted in the Durham Light Infantry and consequently died in service. His DCM is still in the hands of my family and several of my family have been to his grave in Heworth St. Mary.

If anyone has any further information about 2/DLI in general or my Great Grandfather in particular, I'm all ears.

Yours, MJD McGall.

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