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Home for battered memorial sought


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the j.laventry on this memorial doesnt exist,ime 99% certain hes this soldier

cpl 5406 john lafferty

10th lancs fusiliers

enl 1-9-14

aged 36

gen labourer

26 brown st,ancoats

died of TB on 14th jan 1919

hes buried in moston[st joseph] RC cemetery,along with three other men listed on the memorial


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Some more CWS staff recollections on the Salford forum.

. I too remember the Double glass doors leading into the offices (never went through them, just looked) they had long straight handles in the centre and you are right there was a long plaque on the right hand wall you could see it from outside. This entrance was on Montford St. Opposite to George Henry St. KATH.

(snip)The room was in part of the works that became the offices for WM Allen refridgeration division,Anyway you could access this building

from the joiners shop up the ramp between the spray booths and the toilet area,but if you came in through the montford st entrance which was directly opposite the corner shop (not the joiners entrance) you walked through a pair of glass doors into the reception area and on the right hand wall was a brass looking plaque quite high up on the wall i am just wondering if this could be the one found (snip)

S R Hall



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Thanks for your interesting comments.

I agree that there are some natural synergies/common interests between the WMT and Forum members. We should certainly explore where we can support each other.

You might usefully put some information about the activities of the WMT on the Forum. I am sure that it would be of interest to us all.

Regards Ian

The War Memorials Trust (WMT) is a charity whose objects are to protect and preserve war memorials of the UK. In reality that might involve Finding, Rescuing, Restoring, Relocating and Rededication of memorials as well as 'Listing' memorials to protect them.. There are Regional Volunteers who pick up cases to investigate, survey and photograph memorials, particularly those at risk.

War Memorials Trust believes educating people about war memorials, their history, social context and preservation, is vital. Ensuring the importance of war memorials is understood will encourage their use as focal points for commemoration as well as promoting their conservation.

The WMT can provide funds to assist in the restoration of memorials.

This is not to be confused with the UKNIWM that is concerned with recording memorials in the UK, providing an 'Inventory' that can be accessed by the public.

Anyone discovering war memorials, especially those at risk should notify both the WMT and the UKNIWM, giving as much detail as possible, preferably with a photo..

Dont grumble that memorials that you know are not recorded with either organisation. The staff and volunteers run like mad to stand still. The UKNIWM has about 60000 on record, some still as drafts waiting to be checked, several thousand waiting to go on the database. There are about 40000 waiting to be found and recorded. The WMT has a 'Showcase on its website displaying the memorials its helped.

Details at: www.warmemorialstrust.org and www.ukniwm.org.uk

Regards to all Mike Coyle

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Ralph, unfortunately I only took close-up photos of the top of the memorial. I can't see his name on the top half of the memorial. If you pm me your email address I'll send you what I have.



Just to update you I gained access to the HANOVER STREET (not Ballon St) CWS Memorial, very helpful people at New Century House, and my Arthur Milligan is there listed under Manchester. Thanks for your email Pete your overall view is much better than mine though. Ralph.

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Hi Pals,

A quick update.

This memorial has now been repaired and will be rededicated on the 11th November at 11.00AM at the Co-operative Funeral Services, 143 Cross Lane, Salford,Lancashire, M5 4AL.

Well done to all involved.


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What an excellent thread and with a first class result

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what a superb restoration. Well done all concerned

cheers Martin B

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I have only just stumbled across this thread. I have seen this memorial recently and I was very impressed with it. I was also very interested to hear about the rescue project. I had no idea of the effort put in to saving this magnificent memorial.

Well done to all concerned.


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