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Remembered Today:

The Steel of the DLI

Mick D

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I've just received a copy of the above book, which is about 2nd Btn DLI in WW1, by John Sheen, a quick scan shows it to be of the same high standards of his previous works.

Once time allows I'll post a fuller review.


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The Holy Grail of books on the Durham Light Infantry has been published.

For decades people have wanted a book on the 2nd Battalion's actions during the Great War.

John Sheen has written an excellent book, deeply researched with many personal stories. and relevant pictures.

It follows the style of his earlier books, 'Durham Pals' and 'Wearside Battalion' and once again brings alive a battalion history.

John mentions that this book leaves only 7 DLI that has not had a battalion history published in some form.

I wonder John?


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