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Can anyone help please .

No 15 Field Ambulance was in Mont de Soissons Farm in September 1914 and the diary states that the soldiers who died there were buried in the farm garden . Three soldiers who were buried there were reburied in Chacrise Communal Cemetery and again reburied in 1939 ? in Montreuil aux Lyons British cemetery according to a Chacrise cemetery certificate . The same thing happened in the farm at La Cour de Soupir and 66 men were reburied in Vailly British Cemetery . Have tried to find out where the men were originally buried in both the farms from the CWGC without success . Would it have been impossible to have map reference of them it being so early in the war and to find the graves after the war . However some of the graves of the men whose regiments were engaged at La Cour de Soupir during September are named in Vailly as were the three at Chacrise . Any help would be appreciated .


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