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2nd Battalion Royal Fusilers Gallipoli


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Can anyone help with information on these two casualties in particular Ellis Williams and what events led to his sad demise, also WE Lewis however he is listed as died on SDGW so i presume this may have been through illness, any help whatsoever greatly appreciated, Geoff


Private G/10613 Royal Fusiliers Unit Text: 2nd Bn. Age: 27 Killed in action 28/06/1915


Private G/9636 Royal Fusiliers 2nd Bn. Age: 22 Died 07/08/1915

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From 'British Regiments at Gallipoli' by Ray Westlake

Wulsten, it's essential reading! ISBN 0 85052 511 X

June 1915… …

"Relieved (27th) and to bivouacs near 86th Brigade dump. Moved forward from Geohegans Bluff 11.30 am (28th). Attacked and captured Turkish trenches – J12 and J13. Positions consolidated – hand to hand fighting during night around area where enemy position joined those gained. Relieved (29th). Marched back to Gurkha Bluff then later to position near Eski Line. Casualties – 3 Officers, 27 Other Ranks killed; 3 Officers, 175 Other Ranks wounded; 3 Officers, 57 Other Ranks missing. To bivouacs on beach near Gully Ravine (30th) – strength 3 officers, 412 Other Ranks."

map from the Brit. OH


August 1915… …

Stood by during 88th Brigade attack (6th). Withdrew to Eski Line 3.30 am (7th) – casualties: 9 killed, 50 wounded, 2 missing. Two companies later moved forward to Brigade Reserve line, followed by a third 6.30 pm (8th).

best regards


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That book sounds like a must have! In the meantime, I hope I'm not to far out with a question about the 2nd Royal Fusiliers on 26/7/1915. On this day, a Swedish member of the battalion, Gustaf Alfred Lauritz Löwe from Gothenburg was KIA.

Kind regards & sorry for hijacking the thread,


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also from Mr. Westlake's book

July 1915… …

"To front line (3rd) – strength: 8 officers, 405 other ranks. Relieved by 6th King's Own (14th) and to reserve trenches near The Zig Zag. To bivouacs at Gully Beach (15th) then during evening embarked 'V' Beach for Lemnos. Arrived and to billets about 1 mile from Mudros. War Diary records that this was first day since 25th April that the Battalion had not been under fire. Returned to Gallipoli (21st) – landing 'V' Beach and marching to Gully Beach during night. To front line (28th) – Essex Knoll to Worcester Flat. War Diary records that these were positions previously held and that they had not been maintained up to the standard of the Royal Fusiliers; either in sanitation or safety."

So it is not very clear from this what happened to Gustaf Alfred Lauritz Löwe. The only thing which I can add is that, nowhere on the peninsula of Gallipoli was safe, even for those not actually in the firing line; not from shrapnel, nor over-shots, nor the other dangers of war.

with best regards


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Michael, many thanks for the info on the activities in July.

Geoff, if you are looking for info generally on men of the 2nd I have papers for three men of the btn that served in Gallipoli.



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Lars, thanks for that the info offer, i was after was related to couple of individuals from my local area who died in Gallipoli and i think i have most of the info to allow me to put their story together, thanks again, Geoff

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