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Were there any differences in the method of construction and physical features between British and German trenches? Also, once a trench was overrun, how long did it appear on the maps before it was deleted. I'm tracking the progress of the 124th Can. Pioneers near Lens and in July/August 1917 they spent time rebuilding Clucas trench, which does not appear on the map (36c SW) from that time (July) but is shown as being German trench on the maps of Feb. 1917.

Awaiting with delight the deluge of expert opinion!

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Hardly a deluge, but here is my two penneth.

German trenches tended to use wattle hurdles and corrugated iron as reinforcing where as Brits used exanded metal on a wooden frame, corrugated iron and sand bags. British sand bags were hessian sacking and the Germans used allsorts of cloth, including sacking. This was dependant on the ground the trenches were occupying. Sand bags were used by both sides, on the parapet and prados.

No idea about the 'Black art' of trench names and locations.


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