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Remembered Today:

What does this 'Bomb' badge signify?

mark holden

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I am intrigued by this badge appears to have white flames and a red brown ball-construction very similiar to the Bombers Badge-I am just not sure what qualification it denotes.




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Looks like a Fusilier cap badge to me

But I could be wrong

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One minor point - I thought the RE was 9 flames from the grenade and the RA seven, both have 'ubique' below them.

Infantry Bomber. Presumably you had passed the course on throwing Grenades which led to the badge being given.


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I beg to differ .... certainly not according to the RACD ledger.

Perhaps unofficial?

early version: drab ball, scarlet flame

later version: scarlet ball, flat, and scarlet flame.

The one in question: scarlet ball, white? flame.

Don't think so.

Always open to being proven wrong.

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This should be spoken in a Lancashire accent, in memory of Stanley Holloway.

Please note the last stanza !


Marriott Edgar (Monologue)

It was Christmas Day in the trenches

In Spain in Penninsular War,

And Sam Small were cleaning his musket

A thing as he'd ne're done before.

They'd had 'em inspected that morning

And Sam had got into disgrace,

For when sergeant had looked down the barrel

A sparrow flew out in his face.

The sergeant reported the matter

To Lieutenant Bird then and there.

Said Lieutenant 'How very disgusting'

The Duke must be told of this 'ere.'

The Duke were upset when he heard it,

He said, 'I'm astonished, I am.

I must make a most drastic example

There'll be no Christmas pudding for Sam.'

When Sam were informed of his sentence

Surprise, rooted him to the spot.

'Twas much worse than he had expected,

He'd thought as he'd only be shot.

And so he sat cleaning his musket

And polishing barrel and butt.

While the pudding his mother had sent him,

Lay there in the mud at his foot.

Now the centre that Sam's lot were holding

Ran around a place called Badajoz.

Where the Spaniards had put up a bastion

And ooh...! whorra bastion it was.

They pounded away all the morning

Wi' canister, grape shot and ball.

But the face of the bastion defied them,

They made no impression at all.

They started again after dinner

Bombarding as hard as they could.

And the Duke brought his own private cannon

But that weren't a ha'p'orth o' good.

The Duke said, 'Sam, put down thy musket

And help me lay this gun true.'

Sam answered, 'You'd best ask your favours

From them as you give pudding to.'

The Duke looked at Sam so reproachful

'And don't take it that way,' said he.

'Us Generals 'as got to be ruthless

It 'urts me more 'n it did thee.'

Sam sniffed at these words kind of sceptic,

Then looked down the Duke's private gun.

And said 'We'd best put in two charges,

We'll never bust bastion wi' one.'

He tipped cannon ball out of muzzle

He took out the wadding and all.

He filled barrel chock full of powder,

Then picked up and replaced the ball.

He took a good aim at the bastion

Then said 'Right-o, Duke, let her fly.'

The cannon nigh jumped off 'er trunnions,

And up went the bastion, sky high.

The Duke, he weren't 'alf elated

He danced around trench full of glee.

And said, 'Sam, for this gallant action.

You can hot up your pudding for tea.'

Sam looked 'round to pick up his pudding

But it wasn't there, nowhere about.

In the place where he thought he had left it,

Lay the cannon ball he'd just tipped out.

Sam saw in a flash what 'ad happened:

By an unprecedented mishap.

The pudding his mother had sent him,

Had blown Badajoz off map.

That's why fuisilliers wear to this moment

A badge which they think's a grenade.

But they're wrong... it's a brass reproduction,

Of the pudding Sam's mother once made.



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If the flame has faded, then might the ball not also have faded from the original brown/khaki colour?

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does this happen with squirrels?

Yes they become grey and then its OK to shoot them :rolleyes:

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In any case, TM men had blue balls.

Can't resist it

From the music halls C 1916

"Our Frederick's a Lieutenant in the King's African Rifles - he's a white officer with black privates"

"Oooh how exotic"

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