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Jonathan D'Hooghe

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Continuing my current search through my grandfather's photos of his time in London and Nottingham Eye Hospitals from October 1915 until his discharge in April 1917, I have come across the attached photo post card. My grandfather Pte 17964 P J D'Hooghe 20th Hussars is standing 3rd from the right on the back row in the light coloured jacket. The rear of the card is inscribed:

Lieut W (M?) as in William perhaps? Glover

38 Canadian Battn

B. E. X


In the bottom left corner, which I don't think is part of the address, it says: C/- Aug?? P.6 (can anyone decipher this bit?)

For all the Canadian Forum members - do you know this man? and is Lt Glover seated in the photo with the cap on and holding a horn?


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Having re read the card in the light of your posts, I agree it is Gower! Thank you. Reading his history of wounds and dates I suspect that the photo is Nottingham not London.

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I forgot to ask - does anyone think that Gower is the man sitting in the middle with the cap on?

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