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2 in trench mortar question


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Does anyone one know the maximum elevation at which a 2 in medium trench mortar (toffee apple) could fire?

Also, how realistic is the the rate of fire of 2 to 3 rounds a minute given on Wikipedia? From film I have seen of one of these firing this seems an optimistic view of these weapons.

Thanks in advance for any help given.

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There would seem to be little point in firing at greater than 45 degrees (normal mortar inclination) as this would shorten the range for the same charge.Range could be shortened on the 2 inch by varying the charge. As the 2 inch was used for gas and smoke as well as wire clearing blast (and indeed may have been retained for firing smoke by some divisions after it was supposed to be replaced by the Newton) one would think that a reasonably fast rate of fire could be maintained to allow the build up of a cloud.

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