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Albert-Bapaume Road D929


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I apologise for looking for so much detail, but I am hoping that the locations lie in a smallish area.

The points of interest seem to straddle the D929, as far as Courcelette on the left of the road and Mametz Wood on the right.

They probably lie between Contalmaison and Le Sars.

If someone can identify them on a map (or 2!) then I will be able to begin chronicling my Great Uncle's time on the Somme circa late August to October 1916. He was with 12th HLI.

Hints as follows :-

Bacon trench

"The Factory Line" were german trenches running from the front of martinpuich to the old sugar factory at courcelette

Star Line

26th avenue was fronted by a length of barbed wire

gourlay trench

cameron trench

gun pit road

bottom trench

6th avenue

sunken road at le sars

chalk pit trench

butte trench

lozenge wood

gordon alley and a communication trench called highland alley

trenches at Villa Wood (adjacent to Mametz Wood)

Hope someone can at least get me on the first rung of the ladder. :)

TIA David

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Hello David,

I have maps somewhere on my hard drive showing some of these......wish I was bit tidier!! :mellow:

I think Star Line might be the Starfish Line which was east of Martinpuich, I'll have a delve and see what I can find.

Anyway here's Lozenge Wood..........


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That's a great start Steve. Many thanks.


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These maps are great and have solved a most of my wants list.

If anyone else can help, I probably need another four:-

Gourlay/Highland/Gordon/Cameron. I'll try and provide more detail as to where these trenches may be.

Also if anyone can help with the trench maps around Warlencourt(butte trench)/Le Sars (chalk pit trench) and Villa Wood then my search would be over.



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