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Gnr W J Gatfield RFA.


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`Hi Folks im new to this site and would like some help please re; a group of medals im researching. The group consists QSA with cape colony.transvaal,and laings nek bars. 14 star medal with mons bar,british war and victory medals.The recipients name is 20134 gnr w j gatfield 86th battery rfa,for the QSA medal. And gnr w j gatfield ra on the other medals.I have found out about 86 batteries exploits in south africa,but nothing about 34 brigade in ww1.If anyone out there has any info or photos regarding this man or 34 bde i would be most gratefull.Gary.

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There is a War Diary at the National Archives at Kew for 34 Brigade RFA. It runs from Aug 1914 to Apr 1917,at which point it was probably consumed into a larger Artillery Group. See the page from the Long Long Trail,at top left of this page:


The reference is WO95/1324 and the Catalogue notes it as part of 2 Division,one of the first to land in France in Aug 1914. A visit is the best way to read it as it has many pages which would cost a lot of money for copies ! Unless,someone here has info to hand. Not unheard of.


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I see gatfield was a mobilised reservist, who joined 34th Bde Ammunition Column in 1914 when mobilised.. in 2nd division (no significant action at Mons.. but some quite hard fighting on the Aisne in sept 1914.. and then Ypres area in the autumn..).. but in 1915 he was posted to another 2nd Division brigade .. 41st brigade, where he joined 17th battery and remained with them until just at the end of the war .. (41st brigade and 36th brigade remained with 2nd division throughout the war )........when posted to 17th Division Ammunition Column.. so the 2nd Division by Wyrall will give the best overall view of his war ...


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The Medal Index Card at the National Archives lists him as Gnr. W.J. Gatfield, 34th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery, 20134; Catelog Reference

# WO 372/7. The only entry for a W.J. Gatfield in the Births, Marriages & Deaths Index for England and Wales is for

William John Gatfield, birth registered in 4th Quarter (October-December) 1899, at Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales.

I could not locate any census data for additional information.


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