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Number 12000 or thereabouts


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Bizarre request number 93 [or is it 94?]

For my talk 25 Oct I need [would like] a reasonable quality photo of a soldier, any regiment of infantry, with a number 12000 or thereabouts. Say 11500 to 12500.

This is because I want to make the point that many regiments had reached, or very quickly reached, that number at the beginning of the Great War.

Any photo would be used in the talk, not published as hard copy.

Thanks in advance

[of course, a LCpl with 3 good conduct badges, crossed rifles, crossed flags, MG qualified, MM ribbon, clutching a captured pickelhaube would be nice, but beggars can't be choosers ....]

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I can give you 12007 Pte Al;bert Drewitt of Pangbourne, Royal Berkshire Regiment, enlisted 5/9/14 - taken POW at Loos, discharged 4/3/19 died 1977.

I will try and attach a copy but better if you send me an e-mail to john.chapman AT purley DOT eu and I can send a better copy




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