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Remembered Today:

It is Sucrerie

Peter Woodger

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I repeat one of Steve Morse’s slides which Paul Reed suggested was Sucrerie cemetery. I could not agree as the crosses were all in the wrong place. We wondered if later concentrations were the reason but I now realise that it is the opposite. This is a view of Sucrerie before the French burials were removed. My apologies for doubting you Paul.

This helps to date Steve’s pictures as they were taken after stones were erected in Forceville and before the French were removed from Sucrerie.

I post my attempt on a now shot in the next post


A modern view




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It is always a good time to visit the Sucrerie, but now even more so.

The sweet chestnuts will have fallen......and taste great!


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Great photographs lads Sucrerie is becoming a popular stop from Ulster visitors with Rfm Croizer buried there. I really enjoy the walk down to the cemetery, gives you time to reflect.


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