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Hi there chaps,

Different enquire here. I am looking for information on my GG Uncle.

Francis Edwin Hodge.

Facts- held a commission in Royal Artilley until late 1917, he was badly gassed and invalided out.

Recovered enough to go back to the front as artist, and illustrated "History of the Fourth Army" and "History of the Ninth Division".

Would this mean he was in the Royal Artist Rifles? Imperial War Museum gives RFA however. He was also involved in Second World War advisory committee on war art.

I have found some of his works at the Imperial War Museum, yet very little information on the man himself.

Any pointers?

Thanks in advance,



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Hi Your G Uncle is certainly a diificult man to track down. A google search revealed very little about him other than his life span, 1883-1949.

He was with the Royal Field artillery as you know but the IWM only lists one piece of work, as far as I can tell, from WW1. His other listed works at the IWM are all WW2.

I shall keep looking for you


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Hi again , If it helps - I believe that he taught at the Glasgow School of Art between the wars and that he taught Leonard Boden a well known artist - google Boden's obituary in the Independent newspaper. Also look at www.bygonederbyshire.co.uk (art pages - there is a painting by a Francis Edwin Hodge - I assume it is the same man)

Also assuming we have the right F E Hodge - he painted a portrait of Sir Francis Drake which hangs in the wardroom of HMS Drake - see www.exeterflotilla.org

I hope I am not sending you on a wild goose chase but you would be unlucky if there were two contemporary artists with same name!


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Would this mean he was in the Royal Artist Rifles?

No. Incidentally, the Artists Rifles were not Royal.

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Thanks for all the help- can't seem to get the Sir Francis Drake link going, is the picture viewable online?

Would RFA stand for Royal Field Artillery... seems obvious, but I am fast finding out that nothing is quite what it seems with all of this research! :)


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Yes. RFA is Royal Field Artillery.

Try this link www.exeterflotilla.org/history_misc/drake/dr_trophies.html

There was not a picture that i could see but I am sure you could contact HMS Drake for an image!

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Hi corporal saw your post on 29th sept, reguarding your gg uncle francis edwin hodge. I also am seeking information or relatives on f e hodge,as this person was my great grandfather.,so we must be related somewhere along the line.

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hi folks i am appealing for info on a member md75, if anyone knows him personally could u please tell him i have put in a friends request, which is still pending. I would love dearly for him to get in touch as i am guessing we are related through francis edwin hodge, thankyou.

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hi folks i am appealing for info on a member md75, if anyone knows him personally could u please tell him i have put in a friends request, which is still pending. I would love dearly for him to get in touch as i am guessing we are related through francis edwin hodge, thankyou.

Maria- I have not been using this forum for a good while, I suddenly saw your post and am curious as I was not aware that Hodge had any children! I tried to send you a private message but it didn't work- when you see this send me a private message.

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Gwendoline Plumb (Maternal Line)

John Hodge (Great Grandfather of Julia, John, Derek and Jeffrey Plumb) is first identified in the 1851 Census. At this time John is aged abt 29 ( so born abt 1822). At this time John is a groom/servant living and working in Wembury House (Wembury near Plymouth Devon). His employer was Sir Edward Thornton. John is unmarried. John is registered as having been born in Plymouth Devon.

John Hodge married Elizabeth Cornish in 1852 (John aged 30 and described as a servant on the marriage certificate. Both were living at 66 Chapel Street. Elizabeth’s father was Alexander Cornish and was a tailor. The marriage took place in the Parish Church in Stoke Damarel in Stoke, Plymouth. Elizabeth was aged 31.

Elizabeth was born in Poughill Cornwall (a very small village near Bude in North Cornwall). In 1871 they had two children and are still living and working as servants in Chaddlewood House Plympton. John is descrined as an “Indoor servant (footman)”.The children are Edwin Hodge aged 18, a saddler’s apprentice (born Plymouth 5th November 1852) and Mary Elizabeth aged abt 11 born in Plympton Maurice. Edwin Hodge is the Great Grandfather of Julia, John, Derek and Jeffrey).

1881 Census There is no mention of John Hodge in the 1881 census. However, Edwin Hodge now aged abt 28 is living as a lodger at 4 Mill Street in Plymouth and is a harness maker. Mary Elizabeth now aged abt 21 is a servant at 35 George Street Plymouth at the Victoria Hotel.

So what happened to John Hodge and his wife Elizabeth?

There is a reference in the Death Register of a John Hodge Vol 5b page 206 who died aged abt 50 in Plymouth 1877 (Oct Nov December Register). This is most likely him. There is a reference to an Elizabeth Hodge in the 1881 Census. She is aged abt 59 and is living in St Pinnock Cornwall on Penframe Farm. The age fits and as she was originally from Cornwall it could well be her.(However, far from certain about this)

1891 Census Edwin Hodge (Great Grandfather). Edwin is now aged 38 and is employed as a saddler. He is married now to Lydia (maiden name Pond) who is aged 32 and was born in 1859 Modbury, Devon.The marriage took place on the 5th June 1881. They have children by now.(1882) Francis E Hodge aged 9, Emily aged 6, (Grandmother to Julia, John, Derek and Jeffrey Plumb and born in September 1884 in Plymouth), Elsie aged 2 and Bertha aged 1. Bertha (Palmroy) raised by her mother's sister who was married to governor? of Dartmoor Prison no children, married a Cornishman and lived in Falmouth. My Mum was a frequent visitor in her youth. No children. Auntie Doris tells me Mr Palmroy was mean but well off. I remember being washed and going to see her when she visited Nanny Cann. (Source David Drake) son of Florence) All the children were born in Plymouth. In 1891 the family were living in 4 Chedworth Street Plymouth. (Still exists – near to Plym Street where Aunty Phyllis and uncle Bob lived) There is a reference in the Death Register of a Female Hodge aged 0 who died in 1886 – vol 5b Dec 1886 – most likely a died in childbirth daughter of Edwin and Lydia.

1901 Census Edwin Hodge now aged 48 has the following children living at home no. 41 Alvington Street Plymouth: Francis E Hodge born 1882/3, Amy Hodge born 1897 Elsie Lydia Hodge born 1889 (died 1955),Harold Hodge born 1892, Fredereick F Hodge born 1898. Emily Hodge now aged abt 16 was not living at 41 Alvington Street.(Just off Cattedown Road) Emily Hodge was now 1901, a servant and was living in 2 Bedford Park Villas in Plymouth (top of North Hill on right before Mutley Plain). The owner of the house was a William Webber who worked for the Coop.

Emily Hodge married John Cann (Grandfather of Julia, John, Derek and Jeffrey) in 1908. Marriage Register Jan Feb March 1908 Vol 5b 417.Emily and John had five children: Florence, Phyllis, John, Gwendoline and Doris

Florence married William Drake, Phyllis married Robert Dyer (born Newlyn Cornwall), John married Betty (Beatrice), Gwendoline married Alfred Plumb in 1939 when they were both 22 years old, and Doris who married John Davies.(Son of Captain Davies who defused the bomb that landed in St Paul’s Cathedral in WW2. He was subsequently awarded the George Cross for bravery.

Florence lived all her life in Plymouth and had one son David, Phyllis and Robert had no children.

Gwendoline had 4, Julia, John, Derek and Jeffrey

Doris had 5, Donna (deceased May 1998 aged 59), Jacqueline, Malcom, Helen (deceased) and Penelope.

Florence lived in Park Street for most of her life and worked in the fashion Department at Spooners Department Store. William (Bill) her husband worked as a car mechanic in St. Budeaux. When Park Street was demolished in the early 1960s Florence was re-housed in a council house; 80 Kit Hill Crescent in St. Budeaux. Her sister Gwendoline lived in number 22 Park Street until she was re-housed to 8 Wilson Crescent (near Central Park Plymouth. Her husband Alfred was in the Royal Navy. He retired in …… and subsequently worked in the Post Sorting Office near to Plymouth Railway Station. Phyllis did not work and her husband Bob (Robert) was in the Navy during the war and later became a driver delivery man for Goodbody’s Bakery in Plymouth. John Cann worked all his life in the Post Office in Plymouth starting as a telegramme delivery boy and eventually becoming the Post Master.

Doris moved around a lot with her husband who was a project engineer. However, for a large part of her life she lived in the North East; for some considerable time in Morpeth. When John, her husband retired they returned to Plymouth and lived in ……… When John died ……… Doris retired to Cornwall and at the time of doing this research she was living in 31 Chyander Close,Par, Cornwall, PL36BX.

Julia had 2 children Richard and Daniel

Jeffrey married Jeanette Haffenden 28/1/74


Nicola 27/01/80

Jamie 25/02/82 (married 11th November 2006 to Rachel Jane Evans of Falmouth in Cornwall

Gareth 17/05/04

Nicola married …….May 5th April 2003

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