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Remembered Today:

Freddie Dixon.


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This book has a fleeting reference to WW1 but should appeal to anyone who follows Motor sport of the inter-war years. Freddie was a working class lad from Stockton, and not quite the stereotype of racing drivers of the era.

Freddie won the TT on two, three and four wheels, and raced on the IOM, and at Brooklands. He was at the heart of the Douglas story and is a real legend in Riley circles.

His personality was immense, and the hell-raising epic.

Mr.Mason tells us that freddie rapidly rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant in the Army Service Corps, serving at the Motor Transport depot at Grove Park, London. This is more or less it, so as a War book, forget it. However, if you can find this absorbing biography in your local library, as I did, or buy it from Haynes Publications, then you're in for a treat. I wonder, though, if any more is known about his Great War career?


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