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Belgians in England

Guest guffens

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Dear all,

My grandfather was a Belgian volunteer during the great war.

He left his town on Sept 18th 1914. He first went to the Netherlands and later he went to England. Probably in October 1914 he arrived in France in his training centre.

I'm searching for the following answers :

-When and were did he arrive in England ?

-Did he inscribe himself in "Bureau Recrutement" in London or somewhere else ?

-When and were did he leave England to go to France to become a soldier ?

I don't know if you have this information or archives in England. In Belgium I didn't find this answers.

I know that there was a sure controle when Belgians came into England. Maybe it is possible to find more about him.

His name was :

Charles Hubert Guffens, born 31.7.1894.


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Hello Guffens

I dont know the answer to your question, but welcome to the forum

My gt uncle was with a London regiment and married a Belgian lady he met just after the war in Peruwelz


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