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Hire a (nice) car in Turkey ?


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Hi there,

I'm heading to Turkey with a mate next month and we plan to visit the battlefields ourselves by car.

Our plan is to fly to Istanbul, spend three days then hire a car and drive to Gallipoli, having three full days to visit the different sites including the French ones as well.

I am looking for a car rental company at Istanbul and I did find several companies: Avis, Hertz, etc... there's no problem to hire a car there however our wish is to hire a nice car and I can't find any !

I'am looking for a 2 seats / convertible : something like an SLK, BMW or Audi A3...

Ok a car is a car and it's not so important but we want to fully enjoy our trip, we will be only 2 men travelling without our wives ( ^_^ )

Does anyone know if it's possible ?

Many thanks,


... and hello to the Thiepval girls

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Just a bit of info about hiring a car in Istanbul based on my experience. The hire companies expect you to return the car at the same time of day as the day you took the car with no more than a 1 hour leeway. Thus if you book out the car at midday you must return it by 1pm on the day of return. Gallipoli is approximately 5 hours drive ( give or take a bit) so you need to leave by 8 am on the day you leave to get back for 1pm. You could leave Istanbul later but you get to Gallipoli later.

If you are prepared to forego the pleasure of driving a nice car I would suggest you use the coach service to get to Eceabat or fly to Cannakale and rent a wreck. Most of the roads down there are more suited to tractors and clapped out 4x4s than Audis; especially around Suvla.

Whatever you decide I hope you enjoy your trip. It's a lovely place.


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