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The tale of CWGC Gardeners


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I am formulating an idea on my head, the idea I have is for a small full colour illustrated booklet detailing the story of the soldiers who stayed on after WW1 and their subsequent offspring who continued the work.

I thought perhaps that some forum members may know of some events or stories relating to these men?

My ideas for images so far:


1) Depicting the gardeners wearing service dress, starting to form the cemeteries still with the rudimentary crosses

2) A graves registration unit


1) The opening of the school attached to the English church Ieper for the gardeners children.


1) The gardeners used to play cricket, so this will be a drawing


1) The 3 George's, This depicts George Hawkes & George Sutherland cycling down to Boulogne during the invasion being strafed by Stukas as they made their escape to serve King George.

This is based on a tale passed onto me by my good friend Patrick Hawkes whose Father and Grandfather (ww1 Vet) were gardeners.

Any help/info / pointers appreciated!


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Just wondered if you'd thought about a 'then and now' section? Might work if you can get an early picture of a particular cemetery and compare it with the same view taken nowadays, to illustrate how the gardens have developed and matured.

I have seen an early picture of Artillery Wood cemetery, which looks quite bleak and stark, compared with how it seems to look today.


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