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Remembered Today:

WW1 medals of Lieut PE HART (RAF) found by walker


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Medals specialist Andrew Elinn, of auctioneers Gorringes,

Made a few mistakes considering he is a medal specialist !

States medals were often named to the Royal Air Corps ???? Royal flying Corps surely.

Also the medals should be engraved with the mans service number???? As far as I am aware an Officer did not have his service number on his medals !

Anyway, hopefully they will be reunited with the family.


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Air Ministry,

9th September, 1919.


The undermentioned are transferred to

the unempld. list: —

12th July 1919.

2nd Lt. P. E. Hart.

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I agree their expert leaves a lot to be desired. There were hundreds of thousands in the Royal Air Force and tens of thousands of officers with their medals so named. The pair was not for serving right to the end of the war, to get them named to the RAF meant that he had to be serving in a war zone on 1 April 1918. The Defense Medal usually required 3 years service within the UK.

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Walter Mitty strikes again! If you are going to declare your knowledge as an expert at least double check the information that you bring to the table.

This man is not mentioned in the April 1918 RAF List so he is thus not a founder member of the RAF! The BBC couldn't even get the title of the article right!

I actually praise this type of ignorance, The less people know about WW1 medals the easier it is for collectors to buy and research them.

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