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12th Battalion Royal Fusiliers


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I have an original typed transcript of the 12th Bn. Royal Fusiliers War Diary here covering the period 21st August 1915 to 13th February 1918 - my Grandfather commanded A Company of the 12th Bn until he was knocked out the 9th June 1917. (see earlier thread in this Forum on the 12th Bn.)

His secretary must have typed this copy up for it was in his personal papers - to return to your question.

For the 5th September 1917 - the entry reads:

MICMAC Camp. 5th Sept. Weather fine.

Company's parted under Company Arrangements.

The previous entries may provide clues:

CANADA ST.TUNNELS. 2 Sept. Enemy shelled our support line and CANADA ST.TUNNELS our artillery retaliated.

Enemy morter again active in front line.

3pm Movement. Enemy seen moving about at J.25.D.75.30. (that is a map reference)

Batt was relieved by the Cheshires and proceeded to SCOT CAMP. (WESTOUTRE)

3rd Sept. Batt moved to MICMAC CAMP

4th Sept. Fine.

The War Diary gives no indication of any casualties over the period 2/5th Sept - the last entry re casualties being the 23 August, 1917 - One NCO killed - two wounded.

Have we got the right date or has it been transposed in some way. (day,month,year) and not (month, day,year) What does the medal index card show?

I am satisfied what I have here corresponds with the War Diary for the 12th Bn. having examined that at the National Archives some years ago.


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Phillip, thanks for the reply, the detail will help a great deal. Soldiers died interstingly lists him as killed in action on the 5th so interesting your point of no casualties being recorded, many thanks again Geoff

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Thanks - here are some more clues - extract from page 225 The Royal Fusiliers in The Great War by O'Neill:

'The 1st and 12th Royal Fusiliers had left the Ypres area in the third week of September, (1917) and on the 25th September found themselves at Vadencourt, near the Omignon River.' This is confirmed in my typed copy of the War Diary the entry for the 25th reads:

VADENCOURT 25th Sept, Transport Lines and QM Stores remained at Bernes.

2/Lt W.J.Franns and 25 ORS attached to 104 Field Coy. REs.

So when the 12th Bn commenced to move to MICMAC Camp on the 3rd September 1917 its possible that a rear party remained behind or that some men got attached to the Cheshires or other units in close proximity - this might then explain Rhodes being listed as killed in action on the 5th, when the Bn was clearly at MICMAC Camp as demonstrated by the War Diary.

The difficulty we have is that entries in War Diaries are at best a snapshot sometimes fragmentary or at other times fairly detailed.

In my grandfather' papers I have various typed documents with handwritten corrections clearly demonstrating that my grandfather provided background information on some of the actions in which the 12th Bn. participated for O'Neill as they then appear in his book.


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  • 6 years later...

Micmac Camp was located in an area known locally as Sint Hubertushoek.

If anyone has ANY information, pictures, photos, maps (trench or otherwise) etc relating to the area could they please message me. I am particularly interested in this camp as my Grandfather, 2 Lt C V Wattenbach Transport Officer 12th Battalion Royal Fusiliers, frequented this camp when not on the front line.

I have met the owner of the farm that exists there now and he is very keen to enter into correspondence with and receive the same information.

Message me for his details.

Many thanks

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Reference my earlier post. I was unaware that you could post e-mail addresses on the site but appears you can!

To provide details regarding the Micmac Camp please contact:

Marijn Delanote

Ouderdomseweg 13

8900 Ieper


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  • 2 months later...

Thank you johnboy

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